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308A Main Street
Greenport New York 11944

(631) 477 - 3280

Summer 2008
Open Thurs through Sat
12:00pm to 6:00pm
Sun & Mon
12:00 to 5:00 pm
...and by appointment
for apt: 631 298 3516

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The following artists regularly exhibit at Atelier. I've included a sample of their work, but you are encouraged to stop by Atelier to view all works currently showing or available through Atelier.

Steve Alpert

Steve lives and works in Quogue, but has traveled America extensively, and his work reflects the beauty found on his journeys. Steve says of his work "...I ache to paint the wide-open spaces, the vast prairies, the desert lands and the naked sea and sky. These are the places that have given me serenity in my life, the gift given to me and my way of passing it along". Atelier carries work by Steve on an on-going basis.

Steve Berger

Steve is a local photographer, living with his wife Ellen in Jamesport, on the North Fork. Primarily working in black-and-white, Steve's photographs grace the homes of locals as well as East End visitors and friends throughout the country. A native of Atlantic City, NJ, Steve enjoyed a long career in the communications industry prior to moving full time to the East End. Aside from his uncanny ability to capture the best of the local landscape, Steve is known for his support of young photographers (annually offering an internship for local HS Seniors in his Jamesport Studio), for his terrific sense of humor, ability as an auctioneer, and for his gracious generosity.

Nidia D'Alessandro

Nidia's paintings have been exhibited and collected in Paris, Vienna, London, Japan, Australia, as well as the United States. While her subjects seem traditional, victorian houses, landscapes, flowers and seascapes, what differentiates them from more ordinary realism is the quality of light and the poetic feelings of a dream that emanate from them. Nidia was born in Campinas, Saõ Paulo, Brazil, where her father served as the Italian consul to the Brazilian government. She married artist Luis Coelho and decided to become a full time painter. Within two years galleries were showing her work, and with her husband’s concurrent success, the Coelho’s made Shelter Island, NY their home. Shelter Island is rich in scenic delights, houses that go back to the days of the whaling captains, a forest area that is a national preserve, and the walks of exploration and changes of the seasons, that inspire Nidia in her work. When painted, it is as though they have been seen for the first time.

Mark Kopko

A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, Mark specializes in fine art photography that captures form, light and mood. He focuses on photographing the natural beauty of the East End, and in creating fine art wedding albums. His ability to infuse his photography with light and drama often results in work reflecting the emotion of the human experience. Mark's photography is displayed in the European Business Center in Warsaw, Poland and has been featured in New York Night Life magazine, and in Guidelines −The Hamptons and North Fork.

Elizabeth Malenowicz

Elizabeth, a native of Long Island prefers to paint from life. Her oil paintings feature still life, figurative studies and landscapes. The everyday objects and places that appear in our lives intrigue Ms. Malunowicz. Seen through her unique vision, a simple object can reflect a wide range of colors and emotions. Although she was trained in the academic tradition of classical realism, her paintings reveal a contemporary sensitivity.

James Napoleon

James lives and paints in Kent, Connecticut, and also on the North Fork of Long Island. His works are in private and corporate art collections, have won a number of prestigious awards, and have been shown in one−artist and group exhibitions. He says of his approach: "My works are about artistic license as artistic imperative; I tune in to what the mechanics and optics of human eyesight do not see in the crossovers between the natural and manmade structures through which we move. I tune for the thoughts of persons, saints, and angels. I embrace the point of view of the horizon, the sky, living things not human. I strive after geometries, balance in asymmetry, and peace in randomness. I press beyond what is seen."

Vincent Quatroche, Sr.

Vince has been painting original abstract and jazz art since 1946, and continues to paint while listening to his extensive collection of jazz recordings. His work is full of color, pattern and energy and recollects some of the great jazz performances in an era when jazz was king.

jada rowland

Born in New York, and raised in a family of artists, from childhood on jada was a successful actress . She is most remembered for her twenty years on "The Secret Storm" as Amy and eight years on "The Doctors" as Carolee as well as eight shows on Broadway. With a painter/illustrator grandfather and artist/writer parents to inspire her, jada started drawing and writing as soon as she could hold a pencil. In 1983, tired of acting, and having the opportunity to join her astrophysicist husband on sabbatical in Denmark, she decided to fulfill a lifelong desire to be a professional artist and writer, and she quit acting. jada maintains her studio in Greenport, NY and exhibits in prestegious galleries on the North and South Fork. She is the recipient of various coveted awards, has illustrated 13 children's books, teaches and has juried a number of shows.